Una Condolencia en “José María de Montells y Galán

  1. Stewart Addington Saint-David dice:

    This is a great loss, both for the family of the Vizconde de Portadei, and for his wide circle of friends and admirers, among the latter of whom I count myself. The Vizconde was always willing to lend his advice and expertise to those who sought it, and I will ever remember his kind efforts in that respect. Although we never met, but merely corresponded via Internet, I have been deeply saddened by his passing, for he was clearly a man of an immense and broad range of talents, and was also posssessed of an equally great generosity of spirit. He will truly be missed by all, but his body of work in so many different realms of endeavor shall stand as an enduring monument to him, and to his greatness of heart and mind.

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